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50% increase in online B2B sales

A flying start with Sana Commerce B2B shop

Dombrecht.eu is the online B2B store of Dombrecht Distribution in Zele. Contentu is responsible for the management of the online store, from in-shop UX optimization to the optimization of the conversion of visitor to online order. A few months after the launch of the new online store, we already saw an increase in sales of over 50%.

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Our services: UX optimization, e-commerce conversion marketing, lead nurturing and personalized content management.

350% increase in online leads

VerdiClean.be is the website behind the company of the same name. VerdiClean cleans driveways, façades, and terraces in an environmentally friendly way. With a laser-sharp online ad campaign, no-nonsense content on the website, and a clever marketing automation setup, we generate more than 40 qualitative leads per month. Measuring, evaluating, and achieving even better performance…

Our services: Webdesign, Online advertising, social media and online lead generation.

From 0 to 50.000 online visitors in 360 days


Restaurant Gillis in Ghent is not just a culinary outsider for meat lovers. The ‘Cool Dudes’ of restaurant Gillis know exactly how to handle online marketing to inform customers, seduce new customers, and to maintain the dialogue with them on all online channels, 24/7. With more than 50,000 visitors per year to their website, an assertive newsletter, periodical events, and a clever SEO optimized website, Gillis has a very strong position in the online landscape of restaurants in Ghent and the surrounding area.

Our services: Webdesign, SEO, content management, lead nurturing, online advertising (social media) and online communication.

N°1 in Google Search with rock-solid content

Look for a painting and decorating company and find Pattyn & Cie.

Content is king. Context is queen. Painting and decorating company Pattyn & Cie. in Wevelgem has first-hand experience proving that content marketing is the way to be found in Google and to convert website visitors into interesting leads. When looking for a painting and decorating company, you are sure to find Pattyn. Pattyn & Cie. is the perfect example that a well-maintained content marketing strategy will always be profitable in the long term. Combine this with an active presence on social media, and you have a strong story.

Our services: Webdesign, content management, Search engine optimization and copywriting.

> 15% click through rate on Google Ads

Your world safely locked

Euroblok Security has an action-oriented website filled with interesting content on safety doors and security in general. SEO and SEA strengthen each other in this story. This results in a more than 15% click rate in Google Ads and a good findability in Google. Marketing automation is the icing on the cake.

Our services: Webdesign, Search engine optimization, online advertising, social media, content management, copywriting, marketing and sales automation.

A website so user-friendly, our cat could edit it

Steel-framed windows and doors made with passion

Robusto Staal manufactures steel-framed windows and doors. The Robusto Staal website is a solid example of user-friendliness that even makes us dizzy. No hassle with self-written CMS systems, no standard WordPress or Drupal, but creating and processing content directly as you would do in Word, straight into the website itself.

Our services: Web development, social media, online advertising, employer branding, content management, copywriting, lead nurturing and marketing automation.

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